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Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:31 am Subject: Password problem Top
I downloaded the game normally and played it for awhile with no problems.
Then I chose to install it via steam so my friends can see when I´m playing.
After the installation, I started the game via steam and it said that for security reasons I need to reset my password.
It opened a window which I closed straight away. Then I did the thing again and tried to change it. It said I have already changed it in the last 24 hours and need to wait for a day. Then I went this site and changed my password to password number 2. Which didn´t help. Then I waited 24 hours and tried again with password number 2. It said it wasn´t correct then I tried password number 1. It said I have changed my password in the last 24hours, wait a day... It´s one of the most annoying things I have encountered troughout my playing years and I´m on the verge of quitting the game for this...
I can´t login to the support thing either cause it also requires me to reset my password....
Can someone fix this for me? If not I´ll try again tomorrow with password number 1 and if the same shit happens then that´s it...
Thank you...

Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:44 am Subject: Re: Password problem Top
I had exactly the same problem from the day I created my account.
After 2 months of ignoring it I recently contacted the technical support about it.
They shortly responded with a confusion that it seems there are no in-game characters associated with it, while obviously there is as I am playing! Further messages didn't result in any response.
I tried contacting them on chat, but it was most unproductive :(

I am somewhat suspicious that there are actually 2 databases (EU and US maybe? Sony and ProZieben? ... not sure) and some synchronization is going terribly wrong there.

Ultimately... I created a completely new account here and only now it seems to be finally working....

Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:49 am Subject: Re: Password problem Top
Sounds interesting...
Thanks for the heads up!

Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:42 pm Subject: Re: Password problem Top
Here are the steps to reproduce my case (using my old x1cygnus account)

Here is my original problem:
0. I am on the sony forum ( ... )
1. I click the big "Planetside 2" title on the top, which directs me to
2. I press Log In. I get directed to'

3. I type x1cygnus and my password. A message appears "All users need to reset their passwords. Please click below to start this process."
4. I press "Reset Password" which directs me to!input.action?theme=soe&

5. I type x1cygnus as my login name, my password and the new password twice. I press [OK]
6. I get directed to with message "We currently have a limit on the number of times you can reset a password within a 24-hour period. The account in question has reached the maximum permitted number of resets and must wait until tomorrow to reset again."

Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:03 pm Subject: Re: Password problem Top
Hello guys,

SOE and ProSieben accounts are indeed separate. We use a different database to host player accounts that are created with ProSieben while SOE host accounts that are created with them.

What this means as far as it affects you is that if you register with ProSieben you cannot log into SOE with that account. Likewise, you cannot log into the SOE launchpad with your ProSieben account (this applies to SOE account holders in relation to logging into ProSieben).

The Steam launchpad unfortunately currently connects to SOE accounts only. In order to be able to log into your ProSieben account you need to download and install the launchpad from our website.

ProSieben and SOE account holders still have access to the same servers, game items and everything else you expect to have and play side by side within Planetside 2, the only difference is how you register and connect to the game.

Hopefully this has helped to clear up any confusion regarding the differences between ProSieben and SOE accounts. If you have any other question, just ask.


Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:27 pm Subject: Re: Password problem Top
P7S1Traoke wrote:SOE and ProSieben accounts are indeed separate.

OK, but if that is the case that we are logging from a wrong web page (e.g. SOE page to connect ProSiebien account) I should get a message "user not found". Instead we are getting "You must reset your password" which ultimately does nothing but confuse people.
Besides, somehow the system is detecting that we attempted to reset the password within the last 24 hours!

Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:02 pm Subject: Re: Password problem Top

Unfortunately we cannot alter the way SOE webpages or launchpads work. I will pass this on as I can understand why it would cause confusion, but only SOE can alter the way their webpages display errors.

Post Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:07 pm Subject: Re: Password problem Top
Please do.

However, when I tried logging onto account I am using here, I got an "unknown user" as expected.
Therefore I think that my previous account (x1cygnus) was created there and I try access there, but it is totally bugged.

I apologize for the hijack of this thread then....

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